Texture#2 – Black Gloss

A few pictures from the entrance of my workplace as seen reflected in the pocked, freshly applied black gloss of a vending machine. An interesting side note: “black gloss pocked” translated from English to French is “black gloss pocked”, but if you say “black gloss pocked” three times really fast in French, it’s not the tongue twister that it is in English. This might be a good example of how to put a gloss on something without ignoring the difficult situation.

Synthesis #5

A photo I took in Broken Hill of Eduardo Nasta Luna’s sculpture–Facing the Day and the Night–forms the background for this, the fifth in my ongoing syntheses project. I flipped that photo vertically and combined it with the original to create a symmetrical inkblot effect, and then introduced a black and white photo of a mob of kangaroos that I took a few years earlier in Murramarang NP on the south coast. The result is a distant memory, appropriately photographically aged, at the foreground of memories more recent: that’s the theory behind it:)

Synthesis #5

Synthesis #4

This is a composite of three photos I took at Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens. I wasn’t using a tripod so each photo had a fractionally different framing, which served nicely to create something of a brushstroke effect. I also reoriented it from portrait to landscape, giving the waterfall more volume and enhancing the possibilities for pareidolia. How many human faces can you see in the wall?

Synthesis #4

Night like an empire falls


Plushes Bend of Murray River at civil twilight

Plushes Bend of Murray River at civil twilight


Night like an empire falls

to the civil reflection

of one twilight pelican

dreamily shadow ghost rafting.


The spirit that once held me up,

my love, remote tears of whisky

seen through a series of still frames

on pixels of wine glass penumbras.


The wind slips in whispers

that ripple the river,

and the last morning after

the night before raindrops

cool, calm and collectedly

bead leaves of lilies,

belying what we know already:


The strains in relief

around all of those lily leaves

bear the same burden

all rain beads are found under.


Water lilies at Plushes Bend of Murray River

Water lilies at Plushes Bend of Murray River