Birdcall morning

The birdcall in the image and sound above is one that I recorded in The Grampians early this year. I don’t know what species it belongs to, and I haven’t yet figured out how to use a search engine to study a sound file and tell me what bird it is. I’m sure before too long I will be joining a birding club and socialising with people who can assist me directly in such matters.

I think the bird in this recording is with chicks, and is calling out for its partner but is getting no response. I’ve listened to this recording many times and couldn’t escape the feeling that it had been abandoned, and the final two minutes are what it sounds like when a bird is pining for its lover. Then I recalled a longtime favorite song of mine by Joe Walsh–Birdcall Morning. The crescendo and climax of this song bear a remarkable, if metaphorical, similarity. Maybe it is not so much a pining, but is simply saying, “Please come home and look after the kids for a bit. Set me free.”