In loving memory of Paul Squires

Paul Squires’ widow Jan Lawrence-Squires honoured Paul this week with a poignant memorial service held at 1 p.m., August 31, within the Mount Thompson Memorial Gardens, Nursery Road, Holland Park, Brisbane.

During the service, Jan placed the small white box holding Paul’s ashes into a garden bed beneath a fig* tree. Rose petals were scattered with sand by his family and friends.

Jan would like to thank everyone on the internet for the love and support they have shown for Paul since his death became known last year, and would like it known that the Coroner’s inquest has shown that Paul suffered from a heart attack on the 27th July and that he sustained serious injuries from a fall which occurred as a result.

A memorial stone has been erected within the Mount Thompson Memorial Gardens and Jan would like very much for you to be free to visit Paul there.

Area 16, Bed 1, Position 4.

written on behalf of Jan Lawrence-Squires
in loving memory
of Paul Terry Squires.

*I asked for the make of the tree.
The gardener was not sure.
Some kind of fig was the outcome.
Jan pointed out that Paul knows.


16 responses to “In loving memory of Paul Squires

  • tipota

    very touching, and sweet. ‘until we meet again’ made me weep, i cant imagine how much his family must miss him, knowing how much i miss him, and i only knew him a short few seasons, but he made an indelible mark and will never ever be forgotten.
    thanks for doing this bird

  • Gabrielle Bryden

    Ditto what tipota said. Maybe you could put this on gingatao – I’m not sure if everyone realised he died of a heart attack. Did you go to the memorial Brad?

  • Brad

    Thank you Kathi, Gabrielle and Ashley. I’m touched and honoured that Jan asked me to share this here at the café – difficult as it is. I was there for the service. It really was a beautiful day in every way and I hope I have done justice with my words – not just for Paul but for Jan, Paul’s family and the many lives he touched on-line and off-line.

  • alethakuschan

    A beautiful memorial to our friend who reached across continents (in time that is not linear) to touch so many lives. The sadness of losing his voice and his remarkable poetry is still strong. My continuing prayers go to his family and to Jan.

  • Selma

    My heart goes out to Jan and all Paul’s family and friends. I am so glad you let us know about this, Brad. It has made me cry to think of a memorial to him in the gardens. Seems so fitting. Makes me happy to know he is there. I don’t think any of us will ever forget him, will we? I hope to visit the gardens one day and say thank you.

  • Mark William Jackson

    Thanks Brad. I find myself thinking of Paul often, his spirit and strength survive in the cloud.

  • gnunn

    Thanks so much for sharing Brad… Every SpeedPoets I feel Paul there watching from the corner. Much love to all, G

  • Val

    I shall be the last to comment. Death is a leveler of sorts and a sobering up of the senses. Plan the life according to the life plan is all that can really be said about anyone who looms large in the hearts of others. Funny thing about Mr. Squires, it would appear I know him much better in death than in life, as the portal for this sort and his sort of understanding is now wide open. Nuff said. Good words Brad and even better soul.

  • harmonie22

    Thank you for this Brad, very beautiful, as is your poetry of late, an though I don’t blog so much anymore I always love to pass by here now and then and read your beautiful work and remember some good times, hello,

  • Brad

    Thank you Kathi, Gabrielle, Ashley, Aletha, Selma, Mark, Graham, Val and Eman. I really don’t know what else to say… but thank you on behalf :)

  • Tina

    Thank you for sharing this Brad. My heart goes out to you, Jan and all of Pauls friends & family. The magic that was Paul will forever be carried in our hearts.

  • jantar lawrence

    H B D paul thanks you so mach for everything you are the one and onlly one in my life no one can compare you my love will see you if you waiting for me happy birthday baby

  • Brad

    Happy Birthday, Paul. 50 today! Guess I don’t need to tell you you’re still with us in spirit.

  • Wayne

    Brad, this is great. Thanks for taking care of this.

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