Use it or lose it

The white golf ball on the bed of dove shells
beside the periwinkle in the abalone shell
that taken together form the paperweight
that stops my receipts from blowing away
while into a spreadsheet I transfer expenses
for months then a year nags at my muse
to from out of the shells and one golf ball
write something that reads universal.

By now I’ve decided it’s hopeless, but then
I’m hanging my clothes on the line and a crow
swoops in and pinches the golf ball!

Pink Moon: a CD Spine poem

So I was sitting in dappled sunlight this arvo peeling price labels off the latest additions to my CD collection and wondered if I could use the dapples like a highlighter pen, or maybe a pair of scissors, to lift a cutup poem out of the spines. The exercise required a lot more speed and dexterity than I had first expected, with the shapes of the dapples and their positions changing faster than I could line the words up in them. The constant movement also had a kind of randomising effect, leading me to shuffle the lines around a number of times. In the end I couldn’t get the words to pop in the light like I’d hoped to, but the poem I discovered in the process surprised me. Also, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at a pink moon rising from the ocean again without likening it to a prawn cracker!



Pink Moon
O’ Cracker Where Art Thou?
Places Like This
Birds Of Fire
The Magic Numbers


Night like an empire falls


Plushes Bend of Murray River at civil twilight

Plushes Bend of Murray River at civil twilight


Night like an empire falls

to the civil reflection

of one twilight pelican

dreamily shadow ghost rafting.


The spirit that once held me up,

my love, remote tears of whisky

seen through a series of still frames

on pixels of wine glass penumbras.


The wind slips in whispers

that ripple the river,

and the last morning after

the night before raindrops

cool, calm and collectedly

bead leaves of lilies,

belying what we know already:


The strains in relief

around all of those lily leaves

bear the same burden

all rain beads are found under.


Water lilies at Plushes Bend of Murray River

Water lilies at Plushes Bend of Murray River