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Memory: The improbable survivor and her curious reflection


His father’s son : a two shot

His father’s son



A few images to share after inordinate hours spent manipulating images in the search for something unique and eye-catching!

Perry Sandhills – Sandboarding


Port Pirie Jetty


Port Pirie Silos


Star trails

Unofficially sunrise

   After spending the last week working in Melbourne it felt good to hit the road last night for the return trip to Sydney. As I approached the midway point near Albury I watched the sun set in glorious pink fluff though my rear vision mirror and purple haze up front. Tempting as it was to stop and take some snaps I restricted my stops to short coffee topups at many a roadside service centre. I should have stopped around 11pm as the coffee was no longer keeping my awareness levels up, but the sight of the clear sky and stars prompted me to continue to Gundagai where I hoped I might try some sky photography. Shortly before 1am I arrived at Gundagai lookout. It was bitterly cold and windy but my mind was made up – here’s a few results!
   The orange glow in the sky was not visible to my cold, watery eyes. It’s roughly in the east, so I’m guessing that’s what sunrise looks like 4 or 5 hours before it becomes official. I persisted for close to an hour before my brain demanded sleep. Drove down to a little park in Gundagai packed with nomads in their RVs, climbed into the back of the car, and slept through the sunrise official.




Warp and weft

Warp and weft

Long exposure of a lightning plate with oscillating focal length woven through rotating space.

Silverband Falls

At Silverband Falls, Grampian Ranges VIC

At Silverband Falls, Grampians National Park