About Maekitso

I am

sifting through bays of black
powder coated spirals
that tomorrow will turning-push,
behind a glass front,
the neatly packaged product
of your hexadecimally inspired
into a knee-high
collection bin.

I will

separate the left turning spirals
from the right turning spirals
while counting their product holding capacity
and noting their essential depth
in inches.

I will

discover left handed spirals
that were designed to drop
375ml soft-drinks
and left handed spirals
for 250ml power-drinks

I will

wonder why can vending spirals
never turn right.

I will

uncover spirals that do not meet
the criteria of
expected count per depth


I will

ponder upon the existence
of a machine
that I am unfamiliar with,


I will

put it down to
the stretchings
of a rush job
that went wrong.

I will

remove all colour coded tags
from the ends of the spirals
before re-storing said spirals
tidily into their new locations,


I will

create a handy depth-reference table
with colours on the x-axis
and counts on the y-axis.

I will

audit all colours
into storage bins
and update control.

I will

apply for a payrise.

You will

insert your coins
and expect
to be fed.

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