After H.D.’s Sea Rose

Yellow, safety yellow,
embedded and with grid of bubbles,
landing mat, anti-slip,
hard of wearing,

more present-to-hand
than a handrail
running down stairs—
you are just lying there.

Rectangular, with three squares,
you are engaged in the concrete,
you are recessed
in the figure-hugging matwell
that eliminates trip hazard.

Can the yellow rose
fulfil such well-wishes
secured in a walkway?

Link to H.D.’s Sea Rose <<< there.

2 responses

  1. That’s intriguing Brad. I do admire H.D. although Sea Rose is new to me. And I like your poem in the spirit of it – while trying to picture the yellow device you are contemplating. Interesting.

    • Thanks John. I’m a strong believer in the use of pattern imitation as a learning tool but I have various reservations about the artistic value of imitated patterns. Still, I was pleased with how this effort took shape.

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