Bad Eye

I visited my shrink, said I’m sure I just need glasses–
I can fake a smile with my good eye
but the other one’s forgetting
how to apperceive the lie.

That’s excellent! she beamed. We’re making progress.
It’s a sign you have an eye now on the future.

3 responses

  1. omg that is convoluted psychologic. “we” are making progress haha bcuz of both eyes basically agreeing to spot the future while the spirit that animates those eyes already knows it’s about the present but the beaming is so compelling in that chair one forgets. dump the shrink, that’s all you can do:)

  2. she’ll be expecting that. and then if she doesn’t want to be a we after that she’ll dump you. not right away though. i give it four more meetings max after you make the attempt:) and she’ll say something like “i think we’re finished here.” and you’ll want to argue about it. and she’ll just smile. and you’ll be pissed and need another shrink and it’ll start off about the damage done by the first one haha only kidding bird, shrinks are wonderously marching down the road to equalizing the conflicts of mental health, a nasty business in the trenches, but somebody’s gotta do it:)

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