“The primary characteristic of machine-readability is extension, without which the information contained within a file is impenetrable, or incapable of occupying places extrinsic to the given storage space at any given time,” pushing a foot through the backdoor. “That the impenetrability of information is an intrinsic characterisitic of an extensionless file is clearly implied, although we mustn’t necessarily assume that the intrinsic characteristic of impenetribility is a primary one.mp3.”

“Yeah. Ok. That’s great mate, but if you’re looking for an audition use the front door.”

“Will do. You got a business card or something I can use? haha!”

“Oh! haha squared. I thought you looked familiar. Come in! Come in!”

“Oh nohs! I just wanted to extend this to you. Don’t let it out of your sight.
It’s due to go live any day now.mp3”

“What should I do with it when it does?”

“Just make sure it segues back out from the last one.”

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