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    • Thanks, John. It is a composite of two images at different zoom levels cropped from a single photo. I imagine the figure in the foreground could represent any memory that has been subject to a partial loss, and perhaps only surviving thanks to a variant of the Extended Mind thesis: the silhouette of head and feet are like bookends, and the branches of the nearby tree provide a basic outline for the main body. The owner of the memory wouldn’t be typically aware of that aspect though: their mind would only register the shape of the reflection, not directly, but as an interpretation of how the memory sees, or wishes to see, itself. That could explain why memory is unreliable. It is, in the literary sense, an unreliable narrator!

      Whew! It was hard work writing that answer but I’m glad you asked the question, John. Many language knots and dead ends to reason arose while trying to find a plausible interpretation.

    • Thanks, Kathi. I wasn’t particularly fond of this version to start with, but it grew on me. I tried in vain for a while to remove some of the hazy appearance, then realised that it actually belongs there given the theme that it suggested:)

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