Same spider

This spider has been my deskside companion for three summers in a row. I believe it has been the same spider since it has for three summers appeared on the same door.
Same spider, three summers, same door.
One summer I saw a spider on the door beside my desk. That was three summers ago. It couldn’t have been the same spider as this one if I had not seen it before.
Same spider twice, three summers, same door.
This summer the spider is on the door beside my desk. It couldn’t have been here three summers ago if this summer isn’t a summer ago.
Same spider twice, two summers, same door.
One summer ago I saw the same spider
that wasn’t the same one two summers ago.
This is the spider that’s been my companion
for three summers now, in a row.

5 responses

  1. there is something about this that is fun and playful while quite serious, something about the art of it tripping or gliding on a socratic field that quickly wrings my sensibility and humor and draws me in, as if for a game of cards or something. really really cool.

    i had a pet spider who lived next to the kitchen sink. i hadn’t much liked spiders until i met that one. she was a kindred spirit:) came out to say hello every morning when i was making coffee, became after a while, like an alien friend, we respected each other. she died after a full year and i have kept her body preserved in a magnifyer bug box. about a hundred little ones started parachuting from the shelf above the sink a week before she died. i caught as many as i could and put them outside. spiders are quite intelligent imo and very creative.

    • I’ve felt an affinity with spiders for as long as I can remember, though it’s an affinity of the kind that causes attraction and aversion to combine. It’s as though I was born with a previous knowledge of them and I’ve been trying to remember what it was I knew about them ever since!

      • once i heard the sound of a spiders appending legs in motion when in an old attic, one dropped from the ceiling and walked over my ear. it was so quiet in that attic, i actually was able to hear that sound of the spider’s joints “clicking” as it moved. it was like a micro-audic clicking bones sort of sound,you know, like sometimes i hear knees click when standing up fast etc. it was a kind of needle’s-eye small but audible sound.

      • You know, I think the only spider sounds I’ve heard were scuttling effects in movies, and yet it has never crossed my mind to wonder if those sounds can actually be heard in real-world cases. Clicking spider joints are cool!

      • to me, it was an unforgettable sound experience. i can clearly re-call what it sounds like in my mind;s ear, i can’t seem to replicate it electronically (yet) tho’ :)

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