Three Impressions Of A Writer’s Waste Basket


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Engineer and analyst of electro-mechanical and digital systems by day job. Practitioner and student of life and art (broadly construed). View all posts by Brad Frederiksen

6 responses to “Three Impressions Of A Writer’s Waste Basket

  • Cynthia Jobin

    I love this, Brad. The word “calligraphic” pops into my mind….which seems somehow appropriate.

    • Brad Frederiksen

      I took a circuitous route to get there: the first stroke was formed from a sound recording of turtle doves and crows in my backyard, which I then ran transparent circles around. One of my interests is in the art of cymatics, the making visible of sound on physical surfaces. I’m not convinced that images like this can be said to have a ‘physical surface’ in cymatically acceptable terms though. Thanks, Cynthia.

  • John Looker

    I forgot to comment when I first saw this post Brad: those mages are extraordinarily beautiful.

  • kathi

    you know, if i had known you when i was in art school, i would have thought you were a really interesting/amazing artist, because of the conceptual qualities and beautiful renderings in your work, and because it uses disparate forms and puts them together in unexpected ways – i could go on, but too much artspeak isn’t good enough haha to convey that you have it. “it”.

    • Brad Frederiksen

      I’ve spent my evenings this week extending this concept into further works. It feels very much like time that would be better spent working with words but the muse has no time to listen to my protestations. If there is only the present, then going with the flow is not about seeing where it leads to but rather simply having ‘it’. Thanks, Kathi:)

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