Update from the Riverland

After spending the new year’s eve and day exploring around the Murray mouth, Goolwa, Hindmarsh Island, Coorong National Park, and Narrung, I arrived back at Waikerie in the Riverland region of South Australia shortly after dawn this morning. I need to slow down for a day or two in order to take stock of where I have been and gather my memories: in fact, I’m considering abandoning the next leg to the source of the Murray River in the Australian Alps. With only one week left to spare, I suspect it will be too much of a rush job. I’ve found a handy recharge point outside the Waikerie Library, so I’ll chill here for a bit while my devices recharge and see how the day develops.
We’ve had some extremely hot and windy days of late, making daytime photography both difficult and unpleasant. The opportunities for low light photography have been great though. It is a good thing I purchased a lens suited to that purpose before I began the journey.
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, and looking forward to catching up with your blogs when I have returned home.

Lake Bonney, South Australia

Lake Bonney, South Australia

Lake Bonney, South Australia

Lake Bonney, South Australia

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