Update from The Outback

I parked Vincent overnight for a sleep at Tilpa Weir on the Tilpa floodplain, between Bourke and Wilcannia, Monday last week. It rained overnight and turned the road out next day into an impassable bog of river mud. We were stuck in the mud on a paddock for the day and the next night. My survival kit of food and water was in the boot of the car, which resulted in me getting pretty grimy in the process of bringing it back into the car. No phone reception or internet service available, and no-one was going to rescue us due to the remoteness of the place. I worked Vincent hard to get us out by the Wednesday morning and back to Tilpa Hotel, then had to remove the rear wheels to dig out the mud, which had basically acted like a handbrake during our race back to civilization. Also managed to bottom out and crack the sump oil tank.

That’s the short version of the story. When I arrived in Broken Hill on Christmas Eve I was fortunate indeed to find a NRMA mechanic who had us ready for the long journey ahead within about 4 hours.

I have spent the last few days in and around Broken Hill: Silverton, Mundi Mundi Plains, Lake Menindee. Now heading south for the Murray Mouth. Here’s a small sample of what I’ve been working on in the Broken Hill region.

Facing the Day and the Night _ Eduardo Nasta Luna

Facing the Day and the Night _ Eduardo Nasta Luna

Mundi Mundi Sunset

Mundi Mundi Sunset


Mundi Mundi Moonrise

Mundi Mundi Moonrise

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    • Thanks, Cynthia. On Christmas Eve I watched the moon rise as the sun set into the Mundi Mundi Plains. Yesterday morning I watched the moon set over that “Facing the Day and the Night” sculpture as the sun was rising. I have been blessed with greater fortunes than misfortune:)

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