Mays Bend, North Bourke

Arrived at Mays Bend in North Bourke later yesterday arvo. A very pleasant spot on the Darling River with pelicans, cormorants, and egrets. The sky was crispy clean and sparkling with milky way at 4am this morning; perfect conditions for me to try out some astrophotography. I used a little LED torch to paint the foreground during the exposure. The southern cross was also placed well for the event.

Mays Bend

Mays Bend _ 2

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5 responses to “Mays Bend, North Bourke

  • kandriot1

    love the photos! It is always so hard to capture the night sky (I find). But you did a great job!

  • kathi

    yes, this capture of night sky is an art in itself, and the lighting so interestingly different than any previously witnessed, it’s that new idea of the LED, throw that into the mi=x and it kind of changes everything-that was a good stroke, how did you come to imagine using the LED light? i just think it’s brilliant and makes the photos really special, and the stars, that really works along with it together with it (seeing figure-shapes there too which is really fun and compelling) is that lucy? in the sky? with diamonds? oh-oh, no, it’s a monk, it’s a feisty and well-fed friar forced into benevolency from heaven above but liking it well enough towanna sprinkle stardust towards vincent standing out there with an LED nearby
    being such a good happy guy-machine:)
    these really came out well, bravo

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