Frost crack

 early morning frost
 we need to talk about us
 a stringy gum cracks

frost crack

frost crack

* image created by databending a credit card sized number 3 and applying edge effects.

About Brad Frederiksen

Engineer and analyst of electro-mechanical and digital systems by day job. Practitioner and student of life and art (broadly construed). View all posts by Brad Frederiksen

4 responses to “Frost crack

  • Cynthia Jobin

    a second reading of your poem brings a good laugh..the surprise of that caricature second line…

    • Brad

      Thanks, Cynthia. I’ve had the image in my work folder for a long while. I liked the look of it straight away, but it was slow to speak to me!

  • tipota

    ever try edge effects/edge effects/edge effects? the edges change, sometimes thicker, different line weights – i like the thinness of these lines

    • Brad

      Indeed! The irfanview package I use has a ‘find edges’ effect and an ‘edge detection’ effect. They sound like they mean the same thing, but the results are very different. It’s interesting to play them against each other and throw the occasional ‘negative’ into the mix.

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