Sunset on a Golden rectangle with Fibonacci Number white-out

This image of a stunning sunset in Paynesville, Victoria was databent by resizing the dimensions of the image to a Golden Rectangle (1618 x 1000) and then using #FF to ‘white-out’ the Fibonacci Hexadecimal Numbers in the RGB values: #01,#02,#03,#05,#08,#0D,#15,#22,#37,#59,#90, and #E9 were all converted to #FF.

Sunset on a Golden Rectangle with Fibonacci Number white-out

Sunset on a Golden rectangle with Fibonacci Number white-out

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5 responses to “Sunset on a Golden rectangle with Fibonacci Number white-out

  • Cynthia Jobin

    Such is the mystery of a golden section and fibonacci numbers that they eternally evoke a response to beauty….I like the tiny human walking along in this picture, too.

    • Brad

      Thanks, Cynthia. I think the human saves the image from being just a weird picture; it introduces movement and a realistic narrative element. It could be Kirk being beamed up to the Enterprise and perhaps the targeting circuit for the Fibonacci pattern resequencer that would normally ensure things like hands and fingers are returned to proper working order upon rematerialisation has developed a glitch.

  • tipota

    And really interesting image. So much you can do with that, wow, getting that thru formula, incredible.

    • Brad

      Thanks, Kathi. I’ve been continuing to experiment with musical playback of the image with varying degrees of success. Interesting that the bright parts of the image, when played at the right speed (and especially with tinkle bells), sound very suggestive of golden spirals!

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