Partial inventory

Partial Inventory

Partial Inventory

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6 responses to “Partial inventory

  • tipota

    scrolling down through, saw the vertical orientation of the “canvas” and sense of space like hanging chinese scroll paintings*. also thought that it is like 2 pictures in one, the top and bottom halves could stand alone or side by side even

    • Brad

      I do like the likeness to a Chinese scroll painting:) A strange coincidence that the allusion to a pair of eyes in the lower left of the image is right where “the trained Chinese eye would observe last”!

    • Brad

      Very interesting. My first name in Chinese characters translates literally to ‘cloth-pull-morality’ or ‘fabric to pull virtue’. My surname comes out as ‘morality/virtue-Switzerland(or Sweden)-gram-forest’.

      The Switzerland vs Sweden thing is easy enough to calculate the meaning of, given my dad’s dad emigrated from Denmark (half way between the two of them) to Canada. The rest of my surname seems to be trying to expand upon what morality or virtue actually is in lieu of either clothing me in it from the outset or perhaps making me serve as some kind of moral blanket or curtain!

      I just calculated the area of this personal Chinese seal I made, with help from those links you shared, and compared it to the area of an A4 sheet of paper. So long as I don’t print it out I’ll be saving about 0.4 grams of forest from being turned into paper. Thanks, Kathi:)

  • tipota

    that is really interesting, cool. i can see how in chinese Frederiksen might come out with allusions to morality/virtue because i thought “Fred” the first sound, from Germanic roots maybe? meant “peace, freedom, righteousness” – I read it somewhere long ago. anyway, i always associated that meaning with all the “fred” words/names. like frida kahlo for instance. somehow the chinese translation takes that in.

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