Sydney to Ceduna return – Photo Essay (Part 8)

‘Twas Christmas Eve morning and all through Burra, Mount Bryan, Hallett, Whyte Yarcowie and Terowie, nothing was open and I needed coffee; two consecutive large flat white barista made espresso coffees, and, ideally, a pepper steak pie or some kind of pastry. It was beginning to look like I’d have to make do with tinned sardine and roasted bagel crisp canapés, and a gas-boiled billy of 43 bean flavour when, much to my delight, we found the town of Peterborough open for business. Not only were there at least two cafés to choose from, but the local supermarket was open as well. With my first coffee of the day in hand, I strolled around the supermarket for something substantial to fill my belly with for the next couple of days in the remote reaches of the Flinders Ranges: a large bag of salted peanuts, a packet of ginger snap cookies, and some jelly snakes.
The sun was shining right down the middle of Peterborough’s main street, and a cool breeze blowing. Ready for my second coffee, I wandered up the road to the next café to see if they could do better. I can’t remember if it was any good. I was thoroughly distracted by the atmosphere of the joint.

229 On Main Cafe

229 On Main Cafe

The staff very kindly allowed me to take photos while I waited for my coffee. Not wanting to have to leave too hurriedly, I passed on the pastry and ordered a fry up of bacon and egg roll, then set about admiring the collection.
A few of my favorite things

A few of my favorite things

I do remember the roll was a bit on the soft side for my liking, but the bacon and eggs were delicious. A final snap from the street and then we were on our way.
Capitol Theatre, Peterborough

Capitol Theatre, Peterborough

While doing a turn through the back streets of Peterborough, I spotted my first ever Mallee Ringneck.
Mallee Ringneck

Mallee Ringneck

Next stop was Orroroo; gateway to the outback and home of the widest street I believe I have ever seen. Also open for business and the opportunity taken for another coffee.
Orroroo - Gateway to the Outback

Orroroo – Gateway to the Outback

I was suitably loaded up with caffeine by the time we left Orroroo, and there was little that could stop me for a rest break between here and Hawker apart from frustrating attempts to photograph the raptors circling all about the highway. I did finally get the hang of it though. I’ll save that for the next part; this part is starting to feel a bit rushed, which I suppose is how it happened.

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