Sydney to Ceduna return – Photo Essay (Part 4)

“There is little more delightful in morning life than anticipating fresh baked goodies and coffee after a good night sleep under the stars”, tweeted I from beside Lake Talbot, Narrandera NSW, while massaging the first night’s worth of car-sleeping kinks from my lower back and watching a bright orange ball of sunshine rise to a raucous of Cockatoos, Corellas, and some other unidentified parroty chatter of a sweeter nature that I mentally ascribed to Rosellas at the time, and tweeted that too, but was probably wrong. Fast forward to Port of Renmark on the morning of day four.

Welcome Swallow at Port of Renmark

Welcome Swallow at Port of Renmark

It might be more accurate to say there is little more delightful than anticipating the directions that the flight paths of scores of Welcome Swallows whizzing wild curves and loops around you will take them next, so that when you finish this last bite of freshly baked pepper steak pie and swallow it down with some of this delicious locally produced coffee, you’ve worked out how to point your camera at them just at that moment when they turn hard and make like a bullet between your eyes before veering off at the last microsecond and zooming past while flashing a sideways mischievous look out of one big doe-eye at you.

Cheeky Welcome Swallow

Cheeky Welcome Swallow

It might be more accurate to say that; you’d think that would be hard to beat, but it’s only day four and you learn from one incredible moment to the next that it’s kind of pointless to line them up from best to next best, and so on… because by the end of the journey the worst thing you can say has happened is that two or three mozzies got inside the car most every night and disturbed your sleep, and one of them made you bust a vein in your hand trying to clap it dead, which hardly fits into a scale of best to worst in the whole scheme of things. And besides, you’ve written a poem a month later that emerged out of a quiet moment that you remembered while thinking about how to say goodbye to Plushes Bend earlier that day–before the pepper steak pie and the coffee and the swallows–which is another thing altogether and has a password attached to it for the time being until the time is right.

I’m going back for a second cup of coffee now before we leave Renmark. Still a long way to Ceduna and back, but there’s no rush.

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Engineer and analyst of electro-mechanical and digital systems by day job. Practitioner and student of life and art (broadly construed). View all posts by Brad Frederiksen

3 responses to “Sydney to Ceduna return – Photo Essay (Part 4)

  • tipota

    the swallows seem to be extraordinarily sleek, swallows just have a special kind of grace imo. so enjoyable – you’re out on the open road, that was a great thing to do, and taking photos along the way too!

    • tipota

      PS. whats the password to the secret chamber cmon cmon

      • Brad

        I was taken aback by the numbers that greeted me. They were swirling all around the sheltered picnic bench I was at, in very tight circles and even shooting under the shelter. Amazing stuff!

        I will whisper the password to you, just over to the side here off screen a bit:)

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