Pink Galahs and an Elliston Sunset

I arrived in Elliston, South Australia this morning. Located on the western coastline of the Eyre Peninsula and sporting some awe inspiring limestone cliffs, I’ve had a stop here on my agenda since hearing about the sunsets that Elliston is famous for.

This evening I took my camera out to catch the event, but decided to put my zoom lens on and concentrate on the bird and plant life. I was interested to see what effect the lighting would have on the littler things. By far the most satisfying results I achieved were handed to me on a golden platter when a pair of Galahs approached and circled low around me. It was hard to choose which shots to share – hope you enjoy these ones.

Galahs_Elliston Sunset

Galahs_Elliston Sunset 2

Galah_Elliston Sunset

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Engineer and analyst of electro-mechanical and digital systems by day job. Practitioner and student of life and art (broadly construed). View all posts by Brad Frederiksen

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