Flinders Inukshuk

Good morning!

I’m powering my laptop and camera batteries at the Arno Bay Super Shed this morning before continuing south through the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia. Planning to make Port Lincoln by sunset. Should be a nice casual drive, not too far from here.

Have been posting occasional updates and photos of the journey so far to my twitter stream @maekitsos1verse – little reminders and signposts for me to use for my writing when I return home, but also a fun way to keep in touch and share the journey. Hope you enjoy.

I discovered an Inukshuk in the Flinders Ranges on Christmas Day. A most unexpected delight. I’m not aware of any Australian Aboriginal examples of Inukshuk, or history of such. Was this one placed by a tourist? Or does it have some local significance? It was very inconspicuous, and no signs to point it out from the landscape. Just a keen eye. Having some personal familiarity with Inukshuk though, it boosted my confidence to be shown that I am “on the right path”.

Hope you all had a pleasant Christmas. Cheers to the new year.

Inukshuk with Wilpena Pound in the background

Inukshuk with Wilpena Pound in the background

Inukshuk in Flinders Ranges

Inukshuk in Flinders Ranges

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