Merry Christmas

This Saturday morning I’ll be out of bed bright and early to load Vincent up with a few basic travel essentials (toothbrush, soap, warm clothing, light clothing, pillow, doona, towels, sunscreen, insect repellant, poetry, fiction, philosophy, dictionary, journal, guitar, camera, loads of water, tinned fish, muesli bars, and that should about do it) and strike out for the Nullarbor. It’s an exciting prospect. The furthest west I have driven from Sydney was a little north of Adelaide–Port Parham Camping Reserve on the water’s edge of St Vincent Gulf–and that was via the coasts of Victoria and South Australia. Four months I spent on that particular trip back in 2011. This time I have just 3 weeks up my sleeve, so getting to the Nullarbor will require a more direct route. There’s 2000 km to cover just to get to the starting point at Ceduna SA, and another 1200 km across the iconic treeless stretch to the finish line at Norseman WA.

To be honest, I will probably turn back long before I reach Norseman. I like to take my time and explore the towns and back roads as I go; settle down somewhere comfy about 3 or 4 in the arvo and soak up the atmosphere, watch the local wildlife go by, read by the car roof light until I snooze off. I might be better off turning north at Port Augusta for the Flinders Ranges, or south through Port Lincoln and back up through Elliston to Ceduna. That seems more relaxed and sensible at the moment, but we’ll see how it goes.

Thanks to everyone who has read and commented throughout the year, and for all of the wonderful works of your own that I’ve enjoyed so much. Wishing you all a safe, pleasant Christmas, and a productive, inspiring new year. See you there!

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Engineer and analyst of electro-mechanical and digital systems by day job. Practitioner and student of life and art (broadly construed). View all posts by Brad Frederiksen

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