Happy Halloween Leonardo da Vinci

Vitruvian Man  with Sparkling Water

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Engineer and analyst of electro-mechanical and digital systems by day job. Practitioner and student of life and art (broadly construed). View all posts by Brad Frederiksen

8 responses to “Happy Halloween Leonardo da Vinci

  • Dhyan

    cool photo

    is that a bottle?

  • tipota

    hahahahahahahaha that’s too funny, the vitruvian man in a smiley-face costume, very up there out there shining humor bird, it’s all about the things you see/create, this, at the bottom of a bottle or glass? the last sip must’ve been a good one:)

  • John Stevens

    I’d lost track of your blog Brad — don’t know why — and have arrived back via Bonnie McLellan’s blog. If I may, I’d like to sigh on again as a follower since I used to enjoy your posts.
    For myself, my wife and I are coming to the end of six weeks in NZ visiting family. So I’m temporarily I in your hemisphere.

    • Brad

      It’s good to see you, John. I hope your family are all well and that you have both enjoyed your time in NZ. I’ve been told the landscape is similar to that of Canada in parts, and am keen to see it for myself. Your recent poem from NZ was very evocative, as your poetry always is.
      The blog here was a bit inactive for a while, so you haven’t missed much at all. Thank you for following:)

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