Use it or lose it

The white golf ball on the bed of dove shells
beside the periwinkle in the abalone shell
that taken together form the paperweight
that stops my receipts from blowing away
while into a spreadsheet I transfer expenses
for months then a year nags at my muse
to from out of the shells and one golf ball
write something that reads universal.

By now I’ve decided it’s hopeless, but then
I’m hanging my clothes on the line and a crow
swoops in and pinches the golf ball!

Disquiet Junto Project 0293: Emerge/Immerse

For Bassel Khartabil.

I’ve attempted to reference the cycles and pulsations of light that animate Paige Dansinger’s 3D models with a repetitive musical phrase, though with each pass of the phrase different elements are emphasised while new structures emerge. A discordant phrase appears at 45 seconds, and at the 1 minute mark the original phrase is forced into step with said phrase. However, it re-emerges at the original pace 30 seconds later. Finally, we hear the discordant phrase lifting to meet the original on its own terms, but the 2 minute time limit is approaching and the piece must fade out accordingly.

Disquiet Junto Project 0293: Emerge/Immerse
Make music for Paige Dansinger’s Palmyra 3D/VR images, paying tribute to the late Bassel Khartabil.

Step 1: This is the first of two consecutive projects we’re undertaking, following the news of Bassel Khartabil’s death. (If you’re new to the Junto, Bassel was an open-source coder who did a lot of work in CGI before being imprisoned in Syria. Word of his execution just recently became public.) Paige Dansinger is making VR drawings in Tilt Brush inspired by Bassel’s Palmyra CGI work, drawing from her own interest in making a better world. For this project we’re going to make sound, in Bassel’s honor, to accompany her 3D work. View Paige’s pieces at:

Step 2: Think about the sort of sound that might accompany, contribute to, or otherwise be a component part of a VR experience. Now, record a short piece of music, up to two minutes, that is about something emerging — something being brought to life, or coming out of a cave, or otherwise coming into being.

More on this 293rd weekly Disquiet Junto project — Make music for Paige Dansinger’s Palmyra 3D/VR images, paying tribute to the late Bassel Khartabil — at:

Thanks to Niki Korth, Jon Phillips, and Barry Threw for encouraging this project, and to Paige Dansinger for the collaboration. View Dansinger’s 3D drawings of Palmyra here:

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Image associated with this project is by Paige Dansinger, more on whom here:

Synthesis #5

A photo I took in Broken Hill of Eduardo Nasta Luna’s sculpture–Facing the Day and the Night–forms the background for this, the fifth in my ongoing syntheses project. I flipped that photo vertically and combined it with the original to create a symmetrical inkblot effect, and then introduced a black and white photo of a mob of kangaroos that I took a few years earlier in Murramarang NP on the south coast. The result is a distant memory, appropriately photographically aged, at the foreground of memories more recent: that’s the theory behind it:)

Synthesis #5

Pink Moon: a CD Spine poem

So I was sitting in dappled sunlight this arvo peeling price labels off the latest additions to my CD collection and wondered if I could use the dapples like a highlighter pen, or maybe a pair of scissors, to lift a cutup poem out of the spines. The exercise required a lot more speed and dexterity than I had first expected, with the shapes of the dapples and their positions changing faster than I could line the words up in them. The constant movement also had a kind of randomising effect, leading me to shuffle the lines around a number of times. In the end I couldn’t get the words to pop in the light like I’d hoped to, but the poem I discovered in the process surprised me. Also, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at a pink moon rising from the ocean again without likening it to a prawn cracker!



Pink Moon
O’ Cracker Where Art Thou?
Places Like This
Birds Of Fire
The Magic Numbers