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Ascent of the mind

Presently I must return to my kin,
for the law has decreed it to be so
my dear feathered friend.

As it will pain me to leave you behind,
for life on the wing is no place for a shadow,
so it would plague me to bring you below:

I fear if the knowledge of you became common
our prison would run out of puppets to govern.

Ascent of the mind

trick of light

If this were a dolphin performing a trick
of light with an arctic pear chandelier,
would mirrors be vases and sunflowers rust
on re-entry or visually similar?

If that were a theatre curtain drawn back
from an ocean wave passing your window,
would safety orange do for the dolphin
or would you prefer it tangelo?

If those were ripples in milk on the wall
and the arctic pear chandelier tinkling,
would force be the window, the window the load,
or the dolphin an armchair to brace in?

I once knew a hornet’s nest intimately
as my own mother’s womb, but the honey-
comb cells held no honey and the hornets,
if that’s what they were, were no Delphic Bee.
Trick of light

If Kant was alive today

 If Kant was alive today
 to hear Guthrie Govan
 soloing on Regret #9,
 he’d say “Man!
 That’s what I mean
 by sublime!”

Frost crack

 early morning frost
 we need to talk about us
 a stringy gum cracks

frost crack

frost crack

* image created by databending a credit card sized number 3 and applying edge effects.

Can’t touch this

y=1/x²+2. Similarly,
1/y(x²+2)=1. Since
1/1=1 then
y(x²+2)=1, so

x²=(1-2y)/y, and

There is no x for y=0!

Glitch Paper Napkin

An edited fragment from a larger fractal themed piece that I wrote back in 2011, mixed down using Audacity onto what I’m tentatively calling a Glitch Paper Napkin. The napkin is immune to glitching in Wordpad when clean, but I can introduce small vulnerabilities if the paper is not loaded in straight. There are plenty of angles left for me to study the effects of on my Glitch Paper Napkin without making things complicated by scribbling on it, but there’s an endless supply of it…

Glitch Paper Napkin poem

Glitch Paper Napkin poem

Sydney to Ceduna return – Photo Essay (Part 13)

   Memories are ribbons
   of Cape Barren Geese
   in a noon seabreeze
   south of Port Neill

Ribbon of Cape Barren Geese

Ribbon of Cape Barren Geese

   silhouette streaming
   near midnight beneath
   a moon growing over
   Yandinga Gorge
Cape Barren Geese with a Gawler Ranges Midnight Moon

Cape Barren Geese with a Gawler Ranges Midnight Moon

   If it’s the first time
   you’ve seen Cape Barren Geese
   memories are Emus
   that look out of place
   once or twice
Emus? That can't be right.

Emus? That can’t be right.

   until you approach
   and they strip the beach
   down to just you
   sand, dunes, and ribbons
Cape Barren Geese 2
   and a persistence
   of vision that swings
   like a pendulum
   some say obsession
Cape Barren Geese on Hex Canvas

Cape Barren Geese on Hex Canvas